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us Is GG* haven't completed their roster in time for Mars Media Dota 2 League: Macau 2017, but they've found themselves a very capable stand-in in cn Newbee offlaner au Damien 'kpii' Chok. Excited to announce @kpiidota as our stand-in for #MDLMacau! #VGJStorm— Team VGJ (@Team_VGJ) December 1, 2017

VGJ.Storm lost their carry, us Ravi 'ritsu' Kodippili, a little over one week ago. At the time, the team had just qualified for the MDL Minor in Macau. They've been playing with pk Yawar 'YawaR' Hassanin their matches ever since, but have not announced an official replacement.

Kpii plays offlane on Newbee, but he'll be switching to the carry role for his short stint with VGJ.S.

The MDL Macau Minor will take place Dec 8-10. It is a nine-team event, including the late addition of EHOME thanks to Valve's intervention. VGJ.Storm will compete there as the North American qualifier team.

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