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Game 2 of the opening series of the DreamLeague Major between ua Natus Vincere and ru turned into a real show.

Throne R.I.P: Now you see it, now you don't
Game 2 of ru versus ua Natus Vincere today went on for 70 minutes but had it's fair share of fun moments including four Divine Rapiers in the game and a sneaky sneaky ending by Na'Vi's ru Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev. A fight broke out just outside Virtus Pro's base and Sonneiko went around to drop Serpent Wards twice (Refresher Orb) right next to VP's ancient which died in seconds from full HP.

Sonneiko could have even dropped 3 sets of Serpent Wards during Game 2 as he was gifted the new Refresher Shard item after a kill on Roshan. By 50 minutes the game had already started to become ludicrous as ua Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko's Medusa was farmed beyond belief, completing two Divine Rapiers before the hour mark.

No[o]ne's Medusa was duel-wielding Rapiers at one point (DOTABUFF

No[o]ne's Medusa killed over 1,400 creeps, had an insane GPM of 1.1K, and a networth of 54K by the end of the 70 minute game. To keep up with VP's Medusa, Na'Vi's ua Vladislav 'Crystallize' Krystanek ALSO bought a Rapier which he brought to the final fight of the game that Sonneiko so cleverly avoided.

Crystallize's Morphling's also decided to invest in a Divine Rapier (DOTABUFF)

The game was a bit of a bloodbath with 76 kills in 71 minutes and had both players and fans enjoying the mayhem. Thanks to the sneaky play by Sonneiko, Na'Vi were able to draw level but ultimately lost the series 2-1. Definitely pay a visit to the DOTABUFF page to see some of the stats.

Alternatively you can watch the broadcast of game 2 on Twitch here.

Fogged notices a lovely play by LiL to keep No[o]ne alive

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