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Kingteka's Sacred have a chance of coming out on top in one of the few events remaining which pits North and South America against each other, but they have a long road ahead.

Four teams will enter, but just one team will be crowned champion at the conclusion of the joinDOTA League Americas Playoff bracket. We've got both South and North America represented in the final four after a hotly contested Americas Division 1 round robin.

pe Sacred* (formerly known as White Dragons), pe Luccini and usca Very Good* were all tied with 12-6 records, but Sacred and Luccini made the playoffs after Very Good lost both of their tiebreaker matches.

North American teams us Wheel Whreck While Whistling and us Leviathan dominated the round robin. Both teams finished with 15-3 records putting them at the top of the standings and forcing a tiebreaker. Leviathan came out on top last night, giving them a direct seed in the Grand Finals, while Wheel will start in the semifinal and are awaiting the winner of the SA showdown.

Sacred, meanwhile, are a team to watch out for. They've made it this far despite ping disadvantages against NA teams and even qualified for DOTA Summit 8 recently. The team name might not be familiar to you,but the players should be: pe Abraham 'Kingteka' Canez leads the squad, which is made up largely of the former Infamous roster which competed at The International 2017.

The action kicks off tonight starting at 19 EST (Nov 30 @ 1 CET) with the quarterfinal match. All three matches will be cast by our very own Gareth over on joinDOTARed!

Kingteka photo source: Valve

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