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Two teams have been unceremoniously eliminated from Midas Mode during the group stage. Tonight, the playoffs begin.

Deemed unworthy due to their pitiful collection of just 1,435 Moonbucks, Immortals have been eliminated from the NA Midas Mode group stage, but not without a bit of drama along the way. As pointed out by r/dota2 user u/guihessel, the rules on the Midas Mode website state that ties should be determined by record, then matchups.

Immortals were tied with us Is GG* with 3 wins and 5 losses each, but in the head to head matchup between the two, Immortals had come out on top. As explained by Purge in the previously mentioned reddit thread, this was the result of a mix-up between the website rules and the official internal rule doc. Purge says that the teams were aware of the rules which stated that tiebreakers would in fact be determined by Moonbucks, so that is the rule that will be used.

In EU, MidOrFeed weren't the poorest in Moonbucks but they were the only team without a single series win to their name. In fact, they only won a single game out of seven, so not even their 10,970 Moonbucks could save them.

eu Team Liquid have secured themselves the position of probably the richest European Dota 2 team both IRL and in this uncertain Moonbuck economy. With a perfectly clean 6-0 record and a nice stack of 11,727 Moonbucks, these TI winners are sailing through to their Grand Finals berth.

Money isn't everything though, as even us Evil Geniuses's copious quantities of Moonbucks couldn't get them the Grand Final spot in the NA division. world OpTic Gaming's modest purse but superior round robin record secured them that coveted position.

NA Division Bracket

EU Division Bracket

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