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If you missed the start of today's Midas Mode stream, you missed the announcement of a few rule changes made mid-event in an attempt to balance the Moonbuck economy.

Randoming Removed

It's great the first time, but quickly gets old and gives team too many Moonbucks. Now, you get zero Moonbucks for randoming but it also costs nothing. It saves money in that randoming costs less than picking, but no longer boosts a team's economy.

SirActionSlacks noted that it was highly possible that if one team randomed, it encouraged the other team to also random since losing to an all-random team would be shameful and they would lose out on Moonbucks. This led to multiple all-random games.

Now, Midas Mode isn't entirely random-free, but last night's all-random fest will exist only in Purge and Nahaz's nightmares.

Header photo source: SirActionSlacks

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