All 8 teams in Midas Mode to give 100% of winnings to charity

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In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season all eight teams participating in MoonDuck's Midas Mode will be gifting their prize winnings to charities of their choice.

All 8 teams in Midas Mode unite to give entire prize winnings to charities
Midas Mode started today in superb fashion and will run until the 28th November. The prizepool for Midas Mode is $60,000 and all eight teams will be giving any winnings from the tournament to their chosen charity.

Teams and their chosen charities
us Evil Geniuses: UCSF Oakland Children's Hospital
usca Immortals*: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
eu MidOrFeed*: ADHD Solutions
ua Natus Vincere: UNICEF
eu OG: Make-A-Wish International
world OpTic Gaming: Children’s Medical Center Dallas
eu Team Liquid: 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital
us Is GG*: Center for Family Life

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