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Eight Dota 2 teams in the West square off in a $2,000 Invitational hosted by DotaHut.

The DotaHut Invitational is a double elimination tournament which features eight invited teams who will face eachother over the span of two weeks competing in a $2,000 prize pool tournament.

DotaHut is a site that was recently started by the popular League of Legends team and website known as Team SoloMid. Their venture into the dota scene begins with this invitiational tournament along with the recent launch of their website.

Invited Teams:

eu [b]Fnatic.EU[/b]
se [b]4 Friends + Chrillee[/b]
dk [b]dd.Dota[/b]
de [b]Mousesports[/b]
eu [b]mTw[/b]
se [b]No Tidehunter[/b]
us [b]Team Dignitas[/b]
us [b]Team Liquid[/b]

Tournament Grid: