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After a misunderstanding between Beyond the Summit and ru, the two-time reigning champions were not invited to DOTA Summit 8 and had to fight through the qualifier instead. Luckily for fans, VP had no trouble dominating the competition. #DotaSummit 8 is coming, 5 tickets to LA please! GGWP @natusvincere #GoGoVP— (@virtuspro) November 14, 2017 were seeded directly into the second phase of the qualifier, so they only needed to play two matches to book their trip to LA. The first was against ru Vega Squadron *, who had fought hard through the first qualifier phase but couldn't take a game off VP.

ua Natus Vincere were the other team that started their run in the second phase. They advanced to the Grand Final to face VP after beating ru Team Empire 2-0. They started the series with a quick 26-minute win but VP turned things around, winning the next three games to take the series.'s inclusion in the qualifier in the first place seems to have been the result of a misunderstanding. The team won both of the last two Summits but, according to a statement posted by BTS' David "LD" Gorman on Twitter, they believed that were not interested in attending Minors this season.

We loved having them at the last few Summits, they were super entertaining in-game and on the couch, and we'd love to have them back— David Gorman (@LDeeep) November 1, 2017

In that case, we're very sorry for the miscommunication. This was never about you guys not deserving it! Would be great to have you back— David Gorman (@LDeeep) November 1, 2017

Thankfully, all's well that ends well and are headed to LA for DOTA Summit 8, where they can defend their title. The BTS Minor will take place December 13-17.

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