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The Grand Finals of the ESL One Major Hamburg is live and we keep you posted on the action in our live matchticker.

The two Grand Finalists were ru and eu Team Secret. Team Secret had not been in a Grand Finals at a Major LAN since the Shanghai Major in 2016 and went up against Virtus Pro, their scrim partners according to Puppey. Both teams defeated TI7 champions Team Liquid at the ESL One Hamburg this week but now the final test awaits. $500,000 for the winner and Virtus Pro were crowned champions after a thumping performance.


1. ru
2. eu Team Secret
3-4. eu Team Liquid
3-4. cn Newbee
5-6. cn Keen Gaming
5-6. us Evil Geniuses
7-8. Int Fnatic
7-8. br SG e-sports

eu Team Secret vs ru

Massive start for VP taking the first seven kills of the game with no response from Secret. However, Puppey's Spirit Breaker began a resurgence and the early laning advantage gained by VP in the first 7 minutes was lost 5 minutes later. Puppey's Spirit Breaker initiated on VP as Yapzor's Pugna set up Decrepsify target for MidOne to explode with magic damage from his Lina. Even stevens by minute 15.

One issue with Secret's draft highlighted by Synderen is a lack of tools to deal with Pasha's Brewmaster and at 20 minutes the hero is in his prime. To take out the ua Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko Hurricane Pike Sniper, Secret need to get past a wall of Pandas plus enchanted creeps, VP could end this game early. Secret on the ropes with their frail line-up of Lina, Pugna, Mirana and Spirit Breaker.

Secret delay the push with some pick offs but at 30 minutes No[o]ne's Sniper has shrapnelled and pew-pew-pewed the Secret mid tower and one rax. Mjollnir and BKB on Sniper has shutdown MidOne's Lina. Secret are lacking physical damage and VP have BKBs on all three of their cores. Ace on Timbersaw is being nuked down too quickly. The nail on the coffin was the Roshan and VP had forced megas by 42 minutes and closed the game to take the lead 1-0. Bloodlusted Sniper with Vengeance Aura too much for Secret.

Game 2 Secret switched up the lanes and put MidOne's Ember offlane leaving Ace's Phantom Lancer to run mid against No[o]ne's Viper. Not as much of a bloodbath in game 1 but ru Pavel '9pasha' Khvastunov once again had a comfortable early game, this time on Sand King who topped the networth and CS charts at 10 minutes.

15 minutes in and Virtus Pro are in control and pushing bottom lane just like in game 1. Two towers of Secret fall bot lane as VP push as 5 with ua Ilya 'Lil' Ilyuk's Chen creeps. A miscommunication in a battle at Secret's tier 3 bottom saw LiL Test of Faith teleport back No[o]ne's Viper and Ramzes and Pasha stayed around a little too long.

VP did secure Roshan once they respawned though but it was a missed opportunity to push highground with a draft that will struggle late game. Secret starting to complete items but can they drag out the game and wait for Viper to fall off?

28 mins: Massive fight for Team Secret at 28 minutes after losing both MidOne and FATA- just a minute earlier. Quick pick off on 9pasha's Sand King sets up a 4 v 5 team fight which Secret end by team wiping VP. Their best fight of game 2 so far.

33 mins: DOUBLE TEAM WIPE. 2 minutes later Team Secret pull off another team wipe and go for Roshan but VP buy back and take out 4 of Secret. 33 minutes and Secret have lost both their mid rax. 4 out of 5 of Team Secret have no buyback at 33 minutes and they can not afford to lose a big team fight right now.

36 mins: Another two rax have fallen only bottom rax are left standing. VP withdraw only to win ANOTHER big team fight and go straight to bottom lane to finish off Secret's last lane of rax. Mega creeps. This looks like GG for Team Secret.

38 mins: It's all over, VP have defeated Team Secret 2-0 in the Grand Finals of ESL One Hamburg to claim the first Valve Pro Circuit Major. Dominating performance by the CIS team.

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