PGL Minor: Playoffs (Day 4 Recap)

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It's the final day of the PGL Open: Bucharest! usca Immortals*, my Mineski, cn PSG.LGD and us Evil Geniuses are duking it out to see who gets the lion's share of Qualifying Points. Keep on top of the all the day's games right here!

cn PSG.LGD vs. my Mineski

Match details

Game 1:

Mineski have been prioritizing Moon's Mirana, iceiceice's Monkey King and Jabz' Earth Spirit all tournament long for a reason. LGD learned that lesson the hard way as Mineski dominated them in this first game of the best-of-three PGL Grand Final. LGD have little room for error now, with Mineski potentially just one game away from winning the Minor.

Game 2:

In one of the most dominant games of this event, Mineski convincingly finished off LGD with a combination of iceiceice's Broodmother and Mushi's Vengeful Spirit. LGD looked hopeless against the onslaught of the SEA team, who have now claimed their first ever Valve event win.

us Evil Geniuses vs. cn PSG.LGD

Match details

Game 1:

This game was quite the change of pace from the high-octane and fight heavy matches earlier in the day. EG and LGD feel well-matched, but this game came down to an Orchid pickup by cn Xu 'Fy' Linsen's Enchantress. With the silences from Orchid and Earth Spirit combined, LGD picked off SumaiL's Ember Spirit, then pushed into EG's base and ran them all over.

EG waited to respawn and tried to defend as LGD moved from bottom barracks to the midlane, but they lost their lives in the attempt and called GG.

Game 2:

The day of classic heroes continues with a SumaiL Storm Spirit. EG took an early lead in this game, but a few overextensions and very well fought engagements from LGD turned the tide of the game entirely. The first of these big clashes took place around the Rosh pit.

EG might have felt like they were having Deja Vu when a second Rosh engagement went south, pushing LGD into the lead for this game.

Once they held the lead, LGD were unrelenting in their pressure on EG's base and the shutout was complete shortly thereafter.

usca Immortals* vs. my Mineski

Match details

Game 1:

A kr Seon-Yeob 'QO' Kim classic in Phantom Assassin and a last-pick Broodmother helped Immortals to play their signature aggressive style against Mineski, who were quickly overwhelmed. Mineski had hoped to play the long game with an Anti-Mage for my Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung, but he'd only managed to build a Battlefury and Manta Style by the time the game was over at the 28 minute mark.

Game 2:

Mineski's excellent initiation and counter initiation from Earthshaker, Global Silence and Monkey King stopped Immortals from being able to get anything done in fights. With all the kiting ability and a Diffusal Blade purchase from Moon's Mirana, QO's Sven often found himself in the middle of fights unable to hit anyone, quickly drained of his mana.

Immortals knew they had to tap out after that fight. Just like that, Mineski had forced a Game 3.

Game 3:

Speaking of signature heroes, sg Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang played his Timbersaw in this third game. The star of the show was definitely Mushi's Vengeful Spirit though, who tore through Immortals with his immense physical damage, sometimes even amplified by QO's Blood Rage.

Immortals should have had an advantage in finding pickoffs with the vision afforded by Spirit Breaker and Bounty Hunter, but Mineski made all the right moves in response and always came out of fights with an advantageous trade. Immortals called GG as Mineski advanced on the final set of barracks at the 29 minute mark.

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