Starladder are allowing "tactical pauses" at the Minor. Good or bad idea?

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Starladder have implemented a new rule allowing for a tactical pause at the first event of the Pro Circuit. Is it something you think suits Dota 2?

So far the new rule created by Starladder has only been used by us compLexity Gaming at the Starladder i-League Season 3. The rule allows for up to a 3 minute pause any time during the game itself but the coach may not rejoin the players during the pause. Teams can opt to have a shorter pause if they wish to, but teams can not pause during a fight.

Starladder's official rules on tactical pauses:
f) Each team is allowed to have 1 (one) 3 (three) minutes long pause during per each game. It is not allowed to call a pause during the fights, gangs and other in-game activities in which are involved players from both teams.

CoL used a tactical pause in both of their games against Newbee, the first came after a successful push on Newbee's mid tier 1 rax and the second was used after an unsuccessful team fight. In the post-match interview coL captain us Kyle 'Kyle' Freedman was asked about the new rule and said he found it particularly helpful to avoid potential throws. Whereas Liquid GH still had no idea about tactical pauses on Day 4 of the tournament.

Tactical pauses or time-outs are present in traditional sports most notably Baseball and Basketball and another esports title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The positive of a tactical pause could be it would help a team recollect their thoughts to avoid throwing a game or tilting. The negatives for an opposing team might be that the timing of the pause might kill their momentum if they were in a good position. It's a new possibility for Dota 2 to explore but the question is whether it is something we want to see implemented at all Minors and Majors.

What do you think? Is allowing 1 tactical pause per game a good idea?

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