Liquid and Newbee's first LAN post-TI7 starts tomorrow

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It's been a long wait but the first ever Valve Minor is finally just one day away. The Starladder | i-League Invitational #3 starts tomorrow and runs through Oct 15, kicking off a busy season of Valve LANs making up the road to TI8.

Group A
Group B

eu Team Liquid de KuroKy fi Matumbaman bg MinD_ContRoL jo Miracle- lb Gh Direct Invite br SG e-sports br 4DR br Costabile br Lelis br Thiolicor br Bardo SA Qualifier cn Newbee cn Kaka au kpii cn Sccc cn Moogy cn Faith Direct Invite eu Team Secret ee Puppey my MidOne jo YapzOr de Fata dk Ace EU Qualifier cn Vici Gaming cn Ori cn Eleven cn Fenrir cn LaNm cn Eurus CN Qualifier my Mineski ph ninjaboogie my Mushi my Moon sg iceiceice th Jabz SEA Qualifier ua Natus Vincere ua Dendi ua GeneRaL ru SoNNeikO ru RodjER ua Crystallize CIS Qualifier us compLexity Gaming us Kyle us ZfreeK us Moo se Limmp se Chessie NA Qualifier

The event consists of three days of group stage matches, which will determine the top four teams to advance to the single elimination playoff bracket taking place on the fourth and final day. Groups will follow a GSL format.

On the first day, only Group A teams will play. The team that wins the first deciding match to finish the day will advance to the playoffs, meaning they'll have no official matches for the next two days, giving them plenty of time to study the opposition. eu Team Liquid are the obvious favourites for this group, with their EU/CIS rivals and fellow TI7 finalists confined to Group B.

Day 2 will see one team advance to playoffs through Group B. This group should prove to be more closely matched, with ua Natus Vincere, eu Team Secret and cn Newbee all performing dominantly in their respective regions so far this season. us compLexity Gaming may look like odd ones out here, but they should not be discounted.

The broadcast starts at 12:00 CEST on the first two days, but Day 3 gets started earlier to accomodate four best-of-three matches. The first match is scheduled for 9:00 CEST. All four of the day's matches will be elimination matches, while the winners of the two matches later in the day will advance to the playoff bracket.

The four teams to reach the playoff bracket will have already achieved one thing - they'll be the first teams (and therefore players) to ever receive Qualifying Points. What will remain is to determine their distribution.

Playoff day (Oct 15) will be another busy one, but the broadcast is back to a 12:00 CEST start. The two best-of-three semifinal matches will be followed by a best-of-five Grand Final to determine the champion.

Starladder | i-League Invitational #3 will award $135,000 and 150 points per player to the winning team, $60,000 and 90 points for second place then $30,000 and 30 points for 3rd/4th. The remaining $45,000 will be distributed between the bottom four teams.

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