PGL hold Bo5 for DC.SA's replacement

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Digital Chaos.SA will no longer attend the PGL Open: Bucharest after recent roster changes and a rename to pe Sacred*. A best-of-five was held to determine their replacement at the imminent LAN event.

The match to determine the replacement SA Qualifier squad was held between pe Infamous and br SG e-sports. In the original qualifier, these two teams were eliminated in the semifinal round while pe Infamous.Young advanced to face DC.SA in the final. However, Inf.Y have since disbanded.

PGL Open Bucharest South American Qualifier Playoff Bracket

PGL did not make any kind of public announcement of the match. The closest they came was to retweet an article from which reported the news based on a Facebook post by SG e-sports announcing that the Bo5 would occur.

Thankfully the match took place on the PGL Minor ticket, so the results are easy to verify. After yesterday's shock at Infamous' direct invite to the Galaxy Battles Major it seems the Peruvian squad had something to prove. They took down SG 3-1, securing themselves their second LAN showing of the season and their first qualifier victory.

Infamous used a variety of drafts to defeat their opponents including an Io/Tiny combo in Game 3. Anti-Mage, Ancient Apparition and Jakiro were picked by Infamous multiple games in the series. In fact, Jakiro made an appearance in all four games, two times for each side.

The PGL Minor is just over one week away, with the main event set to take place Oct 19-22 at the PGL Studios in Bucharest, Romania. The event features a $300,000 prize pool and 300 Qualifying Points for the Top 4 teams.

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