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They may have missed qualification for every other Minor and Major so far, but Infamous have pulled off a strong performance where it mattered to make it into the DreamLeague Season 8 Major.

Infamous remained in the upper bracket for the entirety of the double elimination DreamLeague qualifer, taking out br SG e-sports in the first round. SG have been the most successful SA team so far, with three qualifier wins under their belts.

Their next opponent was Open Qualifier squad br T Show*, which is br Otávio 'tavo' Gabriel's new team. The Brazilians had managed to knock down pe Sacred* in an impressive 2-0 victory, but Infamous did the same. With T Show out of the way, it was on the Grand Final where they faced DC.SA.

In the first game of the series, DC.SA held a comfortable lead for almost the first hour of the game, but a pivotal fight around Roshan at the 58 minute mark turned the tides of the game. It took another 13 minutes and an additional Aegis, but Infamous took the first win in the end.

Game 2 was an extremely quick win for DC.SA, who took a set of barracks and forced the GG call at the 20 minute mark. Infamous reworked their strategy to avoid getting destroyed by DC.SA's very mobile Game 3 lineup. ar Mariano 'p4pita' Caneda's midlane Puck danced circles around the enemy while pe Alonso 'kotaro' Leon Arango's Juggernaut got incredibly fat, securing the Game 3 win for their team.

Only Accel remains from Infamous' TI7 roster. So far, the squad have played well but fallen short of qualification in the other five qualifiers that they've played this month. If they can do well at the DreamLeague Major however, it will be worth it given the significantly increased prize pool and Qualifying Point bounty available.

Infamous roster
pe Alonso 'kotaro' Leon Arango
ar Mariano 'p4pita' Caneda
pe Steve 'stingeR' Vargas
pe Elvis 'Scofield' de la Cruz
pe Christian 'Accel' Cruz

The DreamLeague Season 8 Major features 1500 Qualifying Points for the top 4 teams as well as a $1,000,000 prize pool. The remaining regional qualifiers as well as the combined EU/CIS League/Qualifier will take place over the next two months with the LAN event taking place in Jönköping, Sweden at DreamHack Winter Dec 1-4.

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