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WCA is ramping up again for 2017 with the newly announced SkinCoin WCA 2017 European Qualification, including six invited teams and two open qualifier teams per region.

Open qualifiers take place tomorrow, so if you want to sign up you'll need to hurry. Both Europe and CIS open qualifiers are being held via FACEIT. The first and second place teams from each open qualifier will advance to face the invited teams in the closed qualifier.

Closed qualifier invited teams

The closed qualifiers will run partially simultaneously, though CIS gets started a few days earlier than EU. CIS runs from Sept 17-27 while EU starts Sept 22 and finishes the same day as CIS, Sept 27. Qualifiers will feature a round robin stage with two groups of four teams into a single elimination bracket with the top two teams from each group.

Just one team from each of the two closed qualifiers will advance to the next stage to face another group of invited teams.

Main Stage invited teams
ru Vega Squadron *
ru Team Empire
ua Natus Vincere
eu MidOrFeed*
cis Double Dimension*

This stage (which will also be played online) will feature both a round robin group stage (Sept 28-Oct 3) and a single elimination playoff bracket (Oct 4-7) following the same format as the closed qualifier. The Grand Final will be a best-of-five, but both the 1st and 2nd place teams will advance to the WCA 2017 LAN final in China.

Since 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the final stage will win a piece of the ¥ 350,000 prize pool, there will also be a match to determine third place.

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