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The combined Europe and CIS closed qualifier which will make up the "league" portion of this DreamLeague Season 8 is looking pretty stacked.

In order to resemble previous seasons of DreamLeague while also becoming a Valve Major, DreamLeague have come up with a bit of an odd structure for their EU and CIS qualifier. Like past seasons, there will be weekly broadcasts of League play. However, not all regions qualifying for LAN will follow this format.

European and CIS League format
EU and CIS stand out because they'll make up four out of eight of the teams headed to the DreamLeague Major in December. In order to ensure that teams from both regions are represented at the final (and to meet Valve's requirement of six regional qualifiers for any Major and Minor), the top four teams from League play will advance unless all four teams are from the same region.

In that case, the fourth team will not advance and the next highest ranked team from the unrepresented region will take the fourth spot.

Dates have not been set for the EU/CIS League, but open qualifiers are happening very soon, on September 19-20 in both regions. DreamLeague detailed the dates for all open qualifiers and some of the other regional qualifiers in a recent announcement.

The Teams
eu Team Liquid
eu OG
eu Team Secret
Open Qualifier Team
ru Team Empire
ru Vega Squadron *
Open Qualifier Team

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