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Infamous lost almost their entire roster after their TI7 run, but they've rebuilt around longtime member of the roster pe Christian 'Accel' Cruz, and have even expanded beyond the pool of Peruvian players. 1. @KotaroHayama_ 2. @Leostyledota 3. @p4pitaDOTA4. @StingerDota 5. @Accelgd New Season, Let's Go!— Infamous Gaming (@Infamous_GG) September 6, 2017

Papita is actually Infamous' third non-Peruvian player, though the past two haven't lasted long. The first was br Leonardo 'Mandy' Viana, who played for the team in early 2017 but left after a month and a half. The second was us Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho, who announced in late May 2016 that he was moving to Peru, but announced less than a month later that he would be playing for ph TNC Predator instead.

Infamous did very well last season despite struggling to find a stable roster. Thanks to the addition of Valve's South American qualifiers, Infamous had the chance to prove themselves on somewhat decent ping for a change, and qualified for The International 2017 without dropping a game in the qualifier playoff round.

The squad avoided elimination in the group stage, but met eu OG in the first round of the lower bracket and were eliminated.

Two of the new Infamous teammates were long-time teammates of Accel on Infamous in the past. Both Kotaro Hayama and StingeR were with Infamous for the majority of 2016, but both left in February 2017 to join pe Not Today*.

The new Infamous roster is:
pe Alonso 'kotaro' Leon Arango
pe Leonardo 'Leostyle-' Sifuentes
ar Mariano 'p4pita' Caneda
pe Steve 'stingeR' Vargas
pe Christian 'Accel' Cruz

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