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Double Dimension's newly announced roster includes a Lebanese carry who formerly played with lb Maroun 'Gh' Merhej as well as new Russian and Serbian team members. Double Dimension: - Rajjix (Carry) - UnderShock (Mid) - Flow (Offlane) - LeBronDota (Support) - nofear (Support) #Dota2— Double Dimension (@DoubleDimensio1) August 30, 2017

Carry player lb Roy 'Rajjix' Rajji will be a complete unknown for most, but this is not his first foray into EU or CIS Dota. He played with ro Mihai 'canceL' Vasile on lb Spotnet* during TI7 Open qualifiers, then played several matches with eu Gang Squad* in July.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to play with this organization and its team, I hope I will be up to the expectations and have a fruitful season."
- rajjix

Previously, he played with lb Maroun 'Gh' Merhej. The last team the TI-winning support played with before joining eu Team Liquid was E-Lab, which has since become Spotnet. In fact, the two had been playing together since 2014, when they were both with Wired Gaming. The team attended MSI Beat IT Global 2014 as the winners of the Middle Eastern qualifier, but came 5th-8th after losing their group stage matches.

The rest of Double Dimension have been around the EU and CIS scene longer. Both ru Alexander 'Flow' Sazonov and ru Dmitriy 'UnderShock' Bolshakov have stayed with the team from their previous roster, while newcomers rs Nikola 'LeBronDota' Popovic and ru Alexander 'Nofear' Churochkin complete the lineup. NoFear will be both the captain and position five support for the team.

The Double Dimension roster:

lb Roy 'Rajjix' Rajji
ru Dmitriy 'UnderShock' Bolshakov
ru Alexander 'Flow' Sazonov
rs Nikola 'LeBronDota' Popovic
ru Alexander 'Nofear' Churochkin

Image credit: Double Dimension

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