Discussion: Could these leaks also be true?

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A Reddit user's line-up "leak" proved right but what about some of his others? Could Fear really be returning to EG? Have your say. lgdamefan got Fnatic's roster right. Could his other line-ups be true as well?
A user called lgdamefan's innocuous comment (with a throwaway account) on Reddit listing the line-ups of five professional teams for the coming season could well have some merit. So far only 1 of the 5 he "leaked" have been announced but his suggestion that EternalEnvy and PieLieDie would move to Fnatic was spot on, and given neither player had previously played in SEA it was not an easy prediction to make without some form of insider knowledge. Is he just posting on behalf of someone else or a real-life Oracle?

What were his other line-ups?

Evil Geniuses - Fear to return?
For Evil Geniuses lgdamefan said their new line-up would be identical to the previous one except that EG's coach us Clinton 'Fear' Loomis, who retired at the end of TI6, would return to play position 5 and replace Zai.

lgdamefan's EG roster: Arteezy, Sumail, Universe, Crit, Fear

Do you believe this EG roster is true?

OG recruit Reso to replace Ana?
For quadruple Major winners predicting their line-up is slightly easier as they already announced the departure of their mid player au Anathan 'ana' Pham. Lgdamefan posted that the team will bring in ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok, who is a free agent after the disband of Planet Odd, and whose market value is through the roof right now after his stand-in performance for ru Team Empire at TI7.

lgdamefan's OG roster: N0tail, Resolut1on, S4, Jerax, Fly

Do you believe this OG roster is real?

DC bring back Moonmeander to the org
A slightly lower profile team roster "leaked" was that of Digital Chaos, and lgdamefan posted that the organisation would be bringing back ca David 'Moonmeander' Tan to play the 5, despite primarily being an offlaner in his previous teams. Joining Moon in DC according to lgdamefan would be us Arif 'MSS' Anwar, a free agent after the disband of the C9/NP roster. If this is true it would mean the departure of kr Kim 'DuBu' Duyoung and kr Sang-Don 'FoREv' Lee.

lgdamefan's DC roster: Mason, Abed, MSS, Bulba, Moonmeander

Do you believe this DC roster is actually happening?

PPD team - Salt Lord is back?

us Peter 'ppd' Dager did return to competing briefly after stepping down from the EG line-up for his own usca Team WanteD*, and lgdamefan believes he is set to return again. PPD would be the position 5 of the new side which according to lgdamefan also features EG's Zai. Misery and Pajkatt would be reunited with TI7 talent CCNC as the mid-laner.

lgdamefan's PPD roster: Pajkatt, CCNC, Zai, Misery, PPD

Do you believe this team could actually happen?

Disclaimer: These line-ups have not been confirmed and we are merely discussing the possibility of them actually coming true.

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