Team Empire advance to StarLadder 4 finals

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Todays only series of games saw eu Fnatic.EU match up with ru Team Empire in a best-of-three to find out who would get to play ua Na`Vi in the finals, and who would go home in third place.

Consolidation Final
eu FnaticRC.EU vs. ru Team Empire


Game 1

Fnatic.EU drafted a tanky ganking lineup on the back of Wisp, Chaos Knight and Lifestealer while Empire went for a tripple semi-carry gank and split-push lineup around Queen of Pain, Broodmother and Nature’s Prophet.

Failing to gain the early game edge they needed, Empire eventually lost control of the game. While there was a fair amount of action through-out the game, the lineups along with early game made it seem all but inevitable. After a failed Roshan attempt by Empire, fi Kalle ‘Trixi’ Saarinen got his Aegis of Immortality and Fnatic.EU were able to push down the middle lane of Barracks, resulting in a ‘GG’ call soon after.

Notable moment of the game: se Adrian ‘Era’ Kryeziu bought a Black King Bar.

Game 2

Unwilling to face Fnatic.EU’s Chaos Knight and Lone Druid a second time, Empire banned out both heroes during the first ban stage. This allowed several top pick heroes to go through, with Fnatic picking up Dark Seer and Bounty Hunter while Empire acquired the recently nerfed Batrider and Magnataur, further following it up with Bane for a total of three BKB-piercing abilities.

Empire however got the better of the lanes and took the early aggression to Fnatic, pushing down their towers in swift succession. A few key mistakes by Fnatic allowed Empire to claim a fairly one-sided second game with a minute 19 ‘GG’.

Unfortunately for Fnatic, the interesting Vengeful Spirit counter-pick to Empire's Gyrocopter never came to fruition. The idea behind it was that the Nether Swap and it's ability to catch hereos out of position prevents Gyrocopter from buying Divine Rapier and abusing Flak Cannon's 1000 range to siege up.

Game 3

ua Gleb ‘Funn1k’ Lipatnikov managed to get his hands on Clinkz, and Fnatic smelling an offensive trilane intended to dodge it, but found a for Empire unusual setup with a safe Clinkz trilane, causing them to rotate to more normal lanes.

Funn1k got the early farm lead, but was unable to find solo ganks due to Fnatic's good movement. Instead the early skirmishes went Fnatic's way, until an unfortunate teamfight outside of Roshan's pit, where a Ravage by ru Airat 'Silent' Gaziev took out dk Johan 'n0tail' Sundstein’s Crystal Maiden before the fight even started. This allowed Empire to establish control over the game, and build up a decent gold lead on the back of early tower pushing.

With Empire controlling Roshan and Fnatic unable to find the teamfight initiation they needed, things looked dire. Any fights Fnatic tried to find were turned on them by ua Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko on Keeper of the Light Recalling his team to the fight and denying any easy kills. As a result, Fnatic called the ‘GG’ at 31 minutes.

Tomorrows Schedule

Only one series of games will be played tomorrow, that being the Grand Finals where Na`Vi will face off with Team Empire in a reprise of their upper bracket finals match. This time however it will be a best-of-five series and on account of coming from the winner bracket Na`Vi will be awarded a 1-0 advantage. The game will be played on Sunday the 23rd at 18:00 CET.

All the action will be broadcast live, in English, again by GosuGamers' nl Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden on the official Star Ladder stream, and us David 'LD' Gorman of BeyondTheSummit.

Prize Distribution

1st - To Be Decided - $8,000
2nd - To Be Decided - $4,000
3rd - eu Fnatic.EU - $2,000
4th - ru Virtus.Pro - $1,000