TWO new heroes announced at TI7 - Dueling Fates update

posted by Malystryx.GDS,
The announcement of Sylph was a possibility but nobody expected Valve to announce two new heroes simultaneously!

As part of the "Special Presentation" at the end of Day 5 Valve ran this short clip revealing firstly what the community has named "Zorro Armadillo" despite it appearing to be a Pangolin. What they didn't expect was another short clip to follow straight after revealing what appears to be Sylph, information of which was discovered recently in source code.

At TI6 Valve announced Underlord but then surprised by revealing a brand new hero, Monkey King. Tonight's video seems to hint at these two heroes being part of a significant update called the "Dueling Fates". 11 Majors, 11 Minors and TWO new heroes. Talk about hype for 2017/2018.

Good name for the new hero?

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