A series of ridiculous events from iG vs Newbee

posted by Abelle,
Two pretty extraordinary things happened in last night's TI7 group stage match between cn Invictus Gaming and cn Newbee, and both revolved around the spell usage of cn Zeng 'Faith' Hongda.

Newbee had taken the win in the first series of this match between the two Chinese titans, and iG were in the lead the second time around. Faith was looking for a bit of farm in the bottom lane, but unbeknownst to him, he was also standing on top of a ward.

Op's Puck and Q's Bounty Hunter say nothing more than a quick and easy Track kill, and they converged, quickly nuking Faith down with the full complement of Puck's spells and a Shuriken to seal the deal.

But the deal was not sealed, and Faith has very quick reflexes.

Less than one minute later, Newbee went for Roshan. With Puck dead and Dream Coil down, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Faith dropped his Mass Serpent Wards to help secure the Aegis for his team, and he secured it very very well. Perhaps... too well.

You could even say that the commitment to kill Faith in the bottom lane paid off for iG in a big way.

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