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It all came down to an intense Best-of-five match between eu Team Liquid and world Planet Odd*, and the defending champions of Season 6 took their second DreamLeague win in a row after an action packed series. Once again, congratulations @TeamLiquid! 🏆#DHDreamLeague #DHATL17— DreamHack Dota (@DreamHackDota) July 23, 2017

Having a look at the front page of reddit this morning, you'd almost think OdPixel played in that DreamLeague final match, but in fact there was just so much going on in these matches that Od's signature "rap-god" casting took centre stage.

Of course, that isn't to say that both teams didn't put on a great show either. The reason for one of the best OdPixel moments from last night was w33haaTimbersaw, who stayed alive essentially 1 v 5 for much longer than anyone could expect to be possible.

w33's Timber was a beastly force, going 27/3/20, meaning he participated in 47 of his team's 57 kills, and that was just Game 1.

Planet Odd snowballed to a second victory with Resolut1on's Anti-Mage, a carry hero that would appear in every game from here until the series end. Odd took AM again in Game 3, but Liquid had a secret weapon up their sleeves - Miracle- Huskar. Odd were stomped into the floor in under 18 minutes.

Game 4 was another close one, but this time Miracle- had the Anti-Mage. He farmed up a storm, racking up 994 GPM while also joining in fights and fending off Odd's relentless split-pushing. The game reached almost an hour in length but after Odd gave up their Troll Warlord and Nature's Prophet in a barracks push, Liquid surged forward and beat down Odd in their own base, finishing the game.

Odd went in once again for Reso's Anti-Mage in the final game, but Liquid picked up a Matumbaman special (Lycan) and and spanked Planet Odd in a 26 minute 23-4 kill stomp.

It wasn't like Team Liquid were in need of a confidence boost going into The International 2017 but they've certainly got one now. Their performance in Atlanta was that of one of the best teams in the world, and the obstacles on their path to taking the Aegis in Seattle are looking smaller and smaller.

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