MMR distribution graph, time to find out if you're REALLY above average

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A Reddit user has compiled the match data of over 2 million players to help players work out just how amazing they really are.
MMR distribution graph by Reddit user bishof

Back in 2013 when Valve posted about details about how the MMR system worked they also included percentiles. At the time .50 or 50% percentile was 2250 MMR, which means half of the players in Dota 2 have an MMR of 2250.

Thanks to bishof's graph posted on Reddit - which of course should be taken with a pinch of salt - we can work now out roughly where we fit in the grand scheme of things based on our MMR in 2017.

But wait, how did bishof collect the data?

steam web api to fetch all matches, filtered out only ranked all pick, relevant regions, no bot matches. ran all match ids through MatchDetails in dota 2 client, got all player steam ids (even private ones), got all profile card shared mmrs. for non shared, I took average of shared mmrs in same match (or previous if none shared). the dota 2 client part was most challenging cause of IP limits on game coordinator.

This means that Captain's Mode matches in ranked were not counted but he has quite a substantial userbase to collect data from. Bishof's calculations included 2,202,492 matches featuring 2,435,312 unique players between the 10th and 12th July. However, even Bishof admits the calculations will not be completely precise as he did have to estimate a player's MMR if their match history was not public.

But who cares about the nitty gritty. Here comes the moment of truth, how do you compare?

MMR distribution according to bishof's calculations

Explanation: Just to clarify so people don't get confused the percentile % is how many people have this MMR compared to everyone else included. So for example if your MMR is 1,000 that is 0.10 or 10%, which means 10% of players have that MMR or lower but 90% of players have a higher MMR.

10% - 1000 MMR
20% - 1356 MMR
30% - 1668 MMR
35% - 1824 MMR
40% - 1974 MMR

45% - 2121 MMR
50% - 2274 MMR
55% - 2439 MMR
60% - 2620 MMR
65% - 2808 MMR

70% - 2989 MMR
80% - 3164 MMR
85% - 3577 MMR
90% - 3892 MMR
95% - 4297 MMR

So how do you feel? Are you happy with your placement?

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