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Despite an entire year where Fnatic struggled to find a complete roster, let alone make it to any LANs, they’ve pulled it all off just in time and qualified for TI7.

You could for forgiven for forgetting who is on Fnatic anymore, the image of the team is so tied up in the story of its old captain, Mushi. Back when Fnatic first returned to Dota 2 after their two year absence, their journey to TI6 was a hopeful one. They took last place at TI5, but dominated online in Southeast Asia, qualifying for all three Majors that year. They steadily improved over time, and took 5th-6th in both The Shanghai Major and The Manila Major.

The International 6 was a shining moment for Fnatic. Despite starting the event in the lower bracket, they fought all the way through to one round short of the lower bracket finals, losing to Digital Chaos and finishing 4th overall.

The TI6 Fnatic roster was made up of many talented players. MidOne has since moved on to join Team Secret and qualified for TI7 with them, and for DJ it was his first chance to shine on a top tier team.

DJ’s incredibly solid support play was a big part of Fnatic’s success, but he left the team in the shuffle immediately after TI6, opting to join Execration.

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