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Enter to become a member of either AdmiralBulldog or syndereN's team in Paysafecard's Best of 3 showmatch, Beat the Legends.

Many will enter, but only eight will be chosen to play on either Bulldog or Synderen's team for the full best-of-three showmatch.

Click here to enter to be on Bulldog's team
Click here to enter to be on SyndereN's team

If you'd like to enter, be sure to do so before July 17th, as registration closes on that day. Winners will be selected and contacted on July 18th, and you'll need to confirm your participation by July 19th by 16:00 CEST at the latest, or risk losing your spot.

If you just want to catch the game, or tell your friends where they can watch you ganking Bulldog, the games will be broadcast live right here on joinDOTAred on July 20th at 19:00 CEST, cast by none other than TobiWan and Capitalist.

For further details and contest rules, you can head to the Beat the Legends page on paysafecard's website.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to play alongside Dota legends?

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