The clowniest moments of The Final (All-Star) Match

posted by Abelle,
The Final Match All-Star match was packed full of South America’s star Dota 2 players, and yet it felt just like a US East pub match… curious. The format was modified slightly from the TI All-Star matches of the past, with four pros and one lucky audience member per team. It had everything you want from an All-Star match. Clowny plays, savage all-chat, items getting dropped, Loda tryharding on Shadow Fiend and tavo just non-stop tossing everyone he could get his hands on.

Fng was the true people’s champion, since he bought and fed so many couriers all the viewers in DotaTV were getting drops like it was Christmas.

The ending was a bit underwhelming, with creeps (and Tavo) back-dooring as the rest fought near the river in the midlane, but this All-Star match was really about the journey, not the destination, you know?

If you'd like to watch the whole thing, you can check it out on BeyondtheSummit's Twitch archive.

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