"It's time for a new generation" - Alliance through to Grand Finals in Peru

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The new Alliance roster are in their first Grand Finals together and the Final Match LAN in Peru could be the org's first title in over 18 months.

The MDL2017 in China is not the only LAN running this weekend, there is also The Final Match being played in Peru. The $50,000 competition is the biggest South American LAN to date to also feature international teams, all of which were direct invited. One of the invites was the new Alliance who are now playing with four of the former NIP roster and Pablo after Loda decided to step down, and the former captain was asked why on stage prior to their first match.

"Why? It's a tough question. I needed a break and it's time for a new generation, I have to give them a chance to prove themselves, and I think they will here in Peru," said Loda.

Limmp's clutch plays shine through versus MVP.R
So far Loda's prediction has been spot on as Alliance are through to the Grand Finals after a 2-0 win over kg MVP Revolution* and br SG e-sports. Their 2nd game against MVP.R was extremely impressive as the Swedes managed to come back from what looked like a lost game and it was thanks to se Linus 'Limmp' Blomdin who came in with two clutch plays (below) to punish MVP.R for grouping up to take Roshan.

From that point Alliance worked quickly and Limpp took down ALL three sets of rax just minutes later. Great play by Alliance to avoid a third game and they then went on to also beat SGe convincingly straight after.

The tournament is being cast by joinDOTA's TobiWan and Gareth live from Lima on the Peruvian coast. You can catch the rest of the tournament tonight.

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