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The MDL2017 is now into the final stretch but none of the foreign teams will grace the final day of the competition.

Heading into the penultimate day of the MDL Summer 2017 Evil Geniuses and OG were still in the running but fate matched them together in the lower-bracket.

EG were quick to sink their teeth into OG in the opening game leading on kills 7-0 after just 5 minutes. Universe's Brewmaster had a dream start, a hero he has only played 27 times in his competitive career and only played 3 times in the last year and a half. He was top of the networth and last hits after 10 minutes and completed an early Blink Dagger.

In fact EG were in front for the first 30 minutes of the game, up until a fateful Roshan gank led to an Aegis steal by OG's Ana. That was the turning point in game 1 and OG Ana's Storm grew up in strength and threat value and so did n0tail's carry Visage which also did wonders.

The lack of impact and damage from Arteezy's Mirana in game 1 became more apparent as the game dragged on, and the EG carry in fact finished with just 9K damage in the 42 minute game, the 2nd lowest on his team and the 4th lowest overall.

However, Arteezy struck back in game 2 on Clinkz. OG's main team fight hero was S4's Tidehunter but he was sidelined thanks to the efforts of Crit's Lich and the deadly arrows of Arteezy. N0tail's Chaos Knight was unable to farm effectively and Jerax spent most of the time healing at fountain with Kunkka. Sumail's Zeus had a great start with an early kill on Ana's Tinker and OG also lost their courier just 30 seconds into the game.

The combination of Clinkz's stealth and Zeus' global presence made things tough for OG and unlike game 1 this was not a game Ana could really carry against EG's line-up, especially with a Universe Faceless Void lurking with Chronosphere. A comfortable win for EG and a rough game for S4, who ended 0-10 on Tidehunter.

For Game 3 OG went straight and picked their carry Visage in the draft. EG seemed not particularly fussed what OG were picking and seemed to have a game plan with a 2nd pick KOTL into a 4th pick Storm Spirit. The star of the early game was Cr1t, who was on Pudge despite the hero usually being given to Zai.

Ana gave up the mid to N0tail's Visage while Ana went offlane with Faceless Void, a hero he'd only played once before in a competitive match, but you'd be forgiven for thinking he'd played more. N0tail's straight Aghs Visage had setups galore with ChronoSphere, Fissure and Boundless Strike, but Ana really did the bulk of the heavy lifting and was a real nuisance for Sumail's Storm Spirit. EG never really got anywhere close to threatening OG after the mid game, and despite game last 42 minutes, did not kill an OG hero for the last 22 minutes of the game. The combination of Earthshaker, Monkey and Void were the perfect bodyguards for Visage. A nice draft by OG to win the series 2-1.

OG fall to Newbee in the next round

OG's battle in the next round was against Newbee and the Chinese team looked well up for it. Game 1 was far from a close game and SCCC's 16-1 Queen of Pain terrorised OG and Ana's Invoker in particular, who died 7 times to the mid-laner, and 11 times overall in the 42 minute game. Kpii's offlane Puck worked beautifully with with Kaka's Sand King, preparing Uuu9 and Sccc to come in for the kills.

S4's Centaur was probably the standout performance for OG who were far more convincing in the second game. Taking inspiration from EG's carry Venomancer from EPICENTER, OG gave the venemous hero to N0tail while S4 was able to play one of his trademark heroes, Puck. It was quite a ridiculous game that lasted almost 70 minutes and the two teams were neck and neck for the majority of it.

Newbee managed to grind out the result by split pushing with Uuu9's Sven but Kaka's Nyx was as Godz put it the "thorn in their side", constantly using the Aghs upgrade of the hero to Burrow mid battle and Impale any who dared come near him. So if you're a Nyx player then definitely check out game 2 of Newbee vs OG. Newbee took a 2-0 win over OG to progress to the final 3, which is now an all-Chinese affair.

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