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A pair of 2-0 wins started the first day of MarsMedia Dota 2 League 2017 - Summer Season playoffs sending both LGD squads to the next round, putting them just one win away from the Grand Final.

After the opening ceremony, the day started with the match between the overall winner of the groups - eu OG, and their chosen opponent - cn PSG.LGD. OG had lost to LGD in their previous single game series during the group stage but beat their other two choices of opponents. Perhaps looking for the greater challenge, they opted to face LGD.

LGD had been the one team to beat OG's Visage in their earlier game, so they didn't feel the need to ban it like other teams have been doing. OG ignored the hero as well, but their adjustments didn't find the holes in LGD's game that they needed to.

LGD stuck to picks we've seen from them before in this even, like cn Chen 'Victoria' Guanhong's Kunkka, cn Yao 'Somnus' Lu's Mirana and cn Yang 'Eleven' Wei Ren's Beastmaster. The surprise elements were Gyrocopter and later Medusa for cn Wang Chun 'Ame' Yu, two less common carry picks that proved to be very effective.

OG made LGD work for the win in Game 2, even grabbing an early five man wipe, but Ame's unconventional Medusa build (we almost forgot she even has an Aghanim's upgrade, thanks Ame) and Maybe's all-in plays turned things around in the late game.


Next up was the showdown between the other two Chinese squads that had tied 4-3 group stage records, cn Newbee and cn LGD.Forever Young. The LFY support duo of mo Leong 'ddc' Fatmeng and my Soon Chuan 'ah fu' Tue really shone in this 2-0 series win.

In the first game, DDC's Oracle picked up a quick Aether Lens, helping him to stay in position out of harm's way, but close enough to help keep his already quite tanky teammates alive through any damage Newbee could dish out. He didn't just use his powers to help his team either, he was also the hero with the second most kills at the end of the game thanks to the potent nuke from Purifying Flames, able to finish off any fleeing low-health hero from a distance.

Game 2 was the ah fu show. His Earthshaker helped set up kill after kill for LFY's scary global damage lineup. Their Zeus and Ancient Apparation could lay on the damage from afar, while cn Du 'Monet' Peng's Bloodseeker ready to rush in and mop up any survivors. Once ah fu had his Blink Dagger, Newbee had to play in fear.

Now, the two LGD squads will face off in the upper bracket final to determine who advances directly to the Grand Final, and who drops down into the deadly lower bracket. Tomorrow's matches will begin with a series of lower bracket elimination games, with the LGD vs LFY match at the end of the day. The lower bracket final and grand final will take place on Sunday.

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