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Evil Geniuses have ended up in an all-too familiar position after the second day of the MarsMedia Dota 2 League 2017 - Summer Season group stage - the lower bracket.

Group Stage Standings

Despite finishing the group stage with the same score as cn PSG.LGD, cn LGD.Forever Young and cn Newbee, us Evil Geniuses had lost their games to all three of those teams, while all three Chinese teams won one and lost one against each other. According to head-to-head tiebreaker rules, this knocked EG to the lower bracket.

The three tied Chinese teams were originally meant to play a three-way tiebreaker (three additional games), to determine seeding for the upper bracket, but Mars Media announced on Twitter that the tiebreakers would not be taking place. In a reply, they clarified that the teams had refused to play, as they were satisfied with being in the upper bracket, no matter their opponent.

We won't have tie breakers as the Chinese teams don't mind if they face @OGDota2 as long as they make it to the winner's bracket. #MDL2017— Mars Media (@MarsMedia) July 6, 2017

eu OG chose their opponent from the three tied teams and opted to face LGD, one of the only two teams that had beaten OG in the group stage.

OG were the big winners of Day 2. After taking just one win in three games on Day 1, they were in dire need of some wins if they wanted a shot at the upper bracket. Win is exactly what they did - they won all four of their games, skyrocketing them to the top of the ranks.

OG first seed celebration party 😄😅— Johan Sundstein (@OG_BDN0tail) July 6, 2017

After LGD's similar Day 1 performance, they lost all three of their Day 2 games, and no other team managed to scrape together enough wins to match OG's five win record.

While it was a day full of wins, it was also a day of experimentation. il Tal 'Fly' Aizik is well known for his Visage and even played it yesterday in OG's loss to LGD, but when OG picked it in their game against Newbee today, they handed it to dk Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein.

They picked Visage again in their third game of the day, against cn LGD.Forever Young, this time putting it in hands of fi Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka. This means that in addition to being a potent hero pick that not many teams are used to playing against, it can be thrown into multiple roles, making OG's drafts unpredictable. In fact, Visage was banned in the second phase in both of OG's other two games today.

The playoff round starts tomorrow, with the big match between OG and LGD kicking things off first.

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