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The entire Cyber Anji Dota 2 squad has apparently left the organization after missed payments, but four of five of the players will aim to stay together. ru Cyber Anji* first announced their esports division earlier this year, recruiting veteran player and CIS favourite ua Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich and using his image to publicize the new team.

XBOCT left the club in May, with TI qualifiers around the corner. The team was able to put together a full five man roster just in time to lock in, giving them a direct invite to CIS regional qualifiers.

In the qualifiers, Cyber Anji lagged behind the competition, taking a 3-6 record which put them in 7th-8th overall, only beating out ru Comanche* and ru Double Dimension*, both of whom had 1-8 records.

However, the team's difficulties with the organization started before the qualifiers, when players' salaries failed to arrive on time, starting back in May. In a statement posted to vk (and subsequently translated by Gosugamers' Cristy "Pandora" Ramadani), team manager Aliev Murad says that only one player's salary was paid once during a 3 month period.

Gosugamers also spoke directly to Murad, who told them that the team aims to stay together, with the exception of ru Maxim 'yoky' Kim.

The Cyber Anji roster was:

ru Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin
ua Yaroslav 'Pikachu' Vasilenko
ru Maxim 'yoky' Kim
ru Evgeny 'Chuvash' Makarov
ru Alexander 'Nofear' Churochkin

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