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LFY have defeated EHOME.Keen in the Chinese regional qualifier upper bracket final, grabbing the squad the second of three Chinese qualifier spots at TI7.

The number of players that have attended every International is quickly dwindling. Last year eleven players had competed at all six events, and this year it's down to four (potentially six if both dk Rasmus 'rASmus' Fillipsen and cn Chen 'Hao' Zhihao qualify). mo Leong 'ddc' Fatmeng had in fact attended not just six TIs but every Valve event including Majors until his streak was broken by missing The Kiev Major earlier this year.

Besides DDC, the other three players to compete in every TI so far are ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov, de Kuro S. 'KuroKy' Takhasomi and us Saahil 'Universe' Arora.

cn LGD.Forever Young didn't have the strongest result in the round robin phase of the qualifier, but the Chinese standings ended up being the closest of any region, with only one team with six and seven wins respectively. By comparison, LFY's 5-4 record was the third best, tied with both cn Vici Gaming and cn Keen Gaming.

In the playoffs, LFY first got past Vici Gaming in a close 2-1 match. Their next opponent was the impressive open qualifier squad EHOME.K, who they capably took down 2-0 using cn Xie 'Super!' Junhao's signature Death Prophet in both games. The hero worked very well for the midlaner, who died just once in the entire series and took a combined 25 kills and 27 assists.

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