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One of the hot favourites for one of three SEA slots at TI7 has stumbled at the first hurdle.

world Team Faceless* participated in both Majors since TI6 but a mediocre showing in the groupstages means they will not be attending TI this year. The result is quite a shocking considering how well Faceless have been doing in the run-up to the TI but losses to Xtcn, Fnatic, TNC and Geek Fam cost them a spot in the final four of the SEA Regional qualifiers. They were however incredibly close, drawing level with Xtcn for the 4th spot in the playoffs but lost the all important tiebreaker.

Faceless formed post TI6 and has kept the same roster for 3 seasons in a row, introducing the world to mid-laner th Anucha 'Jabz' Jirawong. They recently played top 8 at the Kiev Major and top 4 at the Manila Masters. So far in the SEA Regionals TNC secured their direct invite to TI7 with first place in the groupstages, with 2nd to 5th joining the double elimination bracket.

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