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After the first day of both the CIS and EU TI7 regional qualifiers, open qualifier teams are in the lead.

It was a great day for ru M19, winners of the first CIS open qualifier and now holders of a pristine 5-0 record after the first day of round robin play. The squad of very young and fresh Russian players combined with the experience of former Na`Vi offlaner ua Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov seems to be coming together very well so far.

Their fastest game of the day was a 20 minute, 30 kill extravaganza against ru Effect, but early game isn't M19's only comfort zone. They also held on a 60+ minute game against ru Team Spirit, holding their highground effectively and making a comeback despite a huge net worth and experience deficit.

CIS Round Robin

The lead team in EU after day one didn't have a perfect record, but open qualifier squad cis Double Dimension* still put up one hell of a fight in their first five games, coming through with four wins and one loss.

Their loss came at the beginning of the day, against se Alliance. In comparison, the Swedish squad ended the day with two wins and three losses, but they've started to gain ground again with a win at the start of the second day.

Planet Dog's standout match of Day 1 was an 83 minute slugfest against pl Team Kinguin*. There was constant pressure from pl Natan 'Exotic Deer' Michalewicz's Lycan, who died the fewest times in the game, just three, all after the 45 minute mark, but Dog were able to keep it together in the very late-game fights, regained the advantage and secured the win.

EU Round Robin

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