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After beating Planet Odd 2-1 previously in the Winners' Finals of Galaxy Battles, Newbee edged out Odd a second time, beating them 3-0 in the Grand Final.
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When these same two rosters met earlier this year, in the ESL One Genting 2017 Grand Final, world Planet Odd* (at the time, Digital Chaos), were the victors, taking a 3-2 win in the series and hoisting the trophy.

From that point on however, DC (and then Thunderbirds, and now Planet Odd) have not been able to replicate that success. While they've struggled to qualify for LANs, cn Newbee has stacked up one strong result after another. That momentum appears to have carried through Galaxy Battles. After coming so close to taking a second LAN win just before TI qualifiers, Planet Odd fell short.

To qualifiers we go.— Rasmus Filipsen (@MiSeRyDOTA) June 18, 2017

Game 1

Planet Odd looked pretty solid in the early game. Despite giving up first blood, they responded to Newbee's pressure in the bottom lane that gave them a 4-1 kill lead and started to give them a lead. The midgame was fairly quiet, but things started to go terribly wrong after the 20 minute mark.

Both Sccc's Dragon Knight and Kaka's Sand King got Blink Daggers around that time, and Odd began to crumble. A single kill on Moogy's Juggernaut kept them in the game a bit longer, but Newbee pushed their highground and they bled 10 more kills before calling GG.

Game 2

The second game of the series was quite even in terms of net worth for most of the game, but Newbee were very efficient with their experience, giving them a big advantage in terms of not having underleveled supports. Poor Saksa's Winter Wyvern was picked off again and again, ending the game at just level 16 while Newbee's lowest was Faith's Crystal Maiden.

Game 3

The two teams went blow for blow in the 34 minute long third game of the series, ending with a kill score of 19 to 19. However, this was after Odd had taken a good kill lead before hitting a wall. The only player to go all game without being killed was uuu9 (aka Moogy), whose Terrorblade was 6/0/6 at the end of the game.

Once again, experience distribution was an issue for Planet Odd. While Newbee didn't let anyone fall too far behind, both rASmus and Saksa never made it past Level 12. Even Resolut1on's was Level 15 at the end of the game, putting him even with Newbee's lowest (again, Faith's CM).

Overall, Newbee just felt more coordinated overall. Moonmeander's Nature's Prophet split pushed down all Newbee's outer towers, and even took Mega Creeps but this was all while Newbee had five heroes in Odd's base punching down the Ancient, so Newbee never felt it necessary to even teleport back to stop him.

According to some, this could mean that a direct invite to The International 2017 for Newbee. We'll know soon enough -- with open qualfiers kicking off on June 22, we'll be getting the invite list any day now.

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