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It seems like a bit of a rivalry has brewed between ph TNC Predator and world Planet Odd*. Much like in their TI6 match, Misery's team has eliminated TNC from another LAN, and also stirred up a little bit of drama.

In the post-game interview, Misery says that TNC's aggression in Game 1 took them by surprise, but they were able to adjust their play in the next two games to avoid getting run over a second time.

These adjustments worked very well for Odd, who drafted a split-pushing Nature's Prophet for Moonmeander and heroes well suited to answer TNC's aggression for the rest of the team. Resolut1on's Gyrocopter in particular was very difficult to kill with an early Aquila into Sange and Yasha followed by a Black King Bar. Any time TNC tried to get close to fight, they found themselves melting to Calldown and Rocket Barrage.

After that bit of post-Game 2 banter seen in the clip above, Planet Odd went for a very strange draft in Game 3. According to Nahaz on the panel post game, the draft took Odd's coach Blitz by surprise, as their talks between the games had settled on a very different strategy.

Since Moonmeander is typically the Nature's Prophet player for Odd, TNC likely assumed that this first-pick would be the offlaner. However, Resolution was given the hero, while Moonmeander was given the team's surprise last-pick, an Omniknight. Moon has played Omni just five times in competitive matches so far, and four of those matches have been in the last year.

Saksa's hero was another one to throw TNC for a loop. Pugna was the choice, and it proved to be extremely effective against TNC. Much like Moon and Omni, Saksa has only played Pugna five times, and besides one match five months ago and in 2016, his other two games were way back in 2014. Not a signature hero by any stretch of the imagination, but obviously one he's comfortable with.

With this win, Planet Odd move on to have a rematch against Newbee in the best-of-five Grand Final. They were knocked to the lower bracket by that same team earlier today, but Misery said onstage that he feels confident that they can match up well in a five game series. They've done it before at ESL One Genting 2017, and they could very well do it again.

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Update from Misery shortly after the match:
Sorry I was bad mannered against tnc. I said "gtfo my game" out loud while typing gg, and my stupid brain made the association to gtfo🙃🤔— Rasmus Filipsen (@MiSeRyDOTA) June 17, 2017

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