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Captain Hindsight and Backseat Warrior, aka Fly and N0tail, were on casting duties for the brilliant caster showmatch which should have been a bo3, highlights inside!

There was a bit of smacktalk ahead of the showmatch as you would want, as you would expect, and KBU delivered although it was a bit on the mild side. XBOCT even said he was ready to share his love.

FILLER Team, the apt team name for the English caster team were also given their own team intro with Merlini and Winter playing on the memes.

LD said the key to winning was "tilting Dread so XBOCT can start throwing" but the TI winner ended up being KBU's MVP, even though old habits die hard:

BTS commentator Godz managed to go head-to-head with XBOCT in the mid on Dragon Knight, level on CS and denies after 5 mins and looking the part despite the least competitive experience on the the Team Filler roster.

Of the two drafts FILLER Team were more in the meta with a Bristleback pick for Winter and a roaming Nyx for Fogged. Despite some missed Hooks at the beginning KBU's InMate stepped up his game later on, much to the delight of Fly and N0tail, otherwise known as Captain Hindsight and Backseat Warrior. Once FILLER Team took the lead they never really let go but there were plenty of moments that made it such a shame it was only a bo1 and not bo3! If you have time definitely go back and watch the showmatch.

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