Clutch Gamers drop out of DOTA Summit 7 due to visa issues

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Clutch Gamers have announced today that they will be unable to attend DOTA Summit 7 in two weeks because they have been rejected after applying for visas twice.

The DOTA Summit 7 qualifier was the first of a series of qualifier wins for world Clutch Gamers, but Summit is the only one of those events taking place in America.

The team already travelled to The Manila Masters last week but in a similar situation to The Kiev Major, the two SEA teams faced off in the first round of playoffs. Clutch were eliminated by world Team Faceless*, finishing 7th-8th.

Clutch Gamers will get one more chance to redeem themselves on LAN before TI7 qualifiers, at EPICENTER: Moscow Season 2 in less than a week. They're going to have to pull off some great plays because they have been grouped together with ru, us Evil Geniuses, cn Invictus Gaming and world Planet Odd*. Only three of the five teams from each group will advance to the playoff stage.

The Filipino squad will also attend the MarsMedia Dota 2 League 2017 - Summer Season LAN as the winner of the SEA qualifier. That event will take place July 5th-9th.

Beyond the Summit have not announced who will be replacing Clutch Gamers at DOTA Summit 7.

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