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EGM was dropped from Alliance earlier this week, and both EGM's new team and Alliance's new player have been announced just in time for the roster lock. Alliance is happy to welcome @FollowPablo_ to the Dota 2 team!Read the full statement here:— Alliance (@theAllianceGG) May 23, 2017

The newest member of se Alliance is se Axel 'PABLO' Källman, a Swedish player who was actually registered on the Alliance roster once before, in late 2015. His time as a registered substitute for Alliance was short, and he didn't play any matches with the team during that time, but he has been a stand in for the team on multiple occasions.

Pablo's first time standing in for Alliance was in March 2015, during European Elite League. At the time, he was playing midlane. He's changed to support since then, and stood in for Alliance again during World Cyber Arena 2016 European qualifiers, but the team dropped out of the event partway through.

His most recent team was Horde, a team quite close to Alliance, and a "familiar practice partner," according to Loda's statement in the announcement. He travelled with the team to WESG in China this past January, but the team didn't make it out of the group stage, finishing 13th-16th.

Here we go! :)— Joakim Akterhall (@FollowAkke) May 23, 2017

Meanwhile, se Jerry 'EGM' Lundkvist has found a new home on Crescendo, a new team formed out of several talented Swedish and Danish players, several of whom have played before in the past.

dk Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen and dk Jon 'BabyKnight' Andersen are the odd ones out, having not played with any of his new team members in the past. Synderen will be taking on a new role in the offlane, having played support for over a year now. It isn't a role he's unfamiliar with however, as it was the role he played when he made his return to the competitive scene with Steak Gaming in late 2015.

Babyknight comes from the former Cloud9, and played with that roster since they were known as Danish Bears last year.

se Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall and se Steve 'Xcalibur' Ye are familiar with each other from their time together on Horde, and of course EGM and Akke know each other well from their time on Alliance.

What do you think? Will either of these teams qualify for TI7?

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