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The Grand Final of the Mr. Cat Invitational Europe came down to two CIS squads - Team Empire and The winners of the #MrCatInvitational EU are @TeamVirtuspro! 🏆 Well played to all the teams, great plays all around!— joinDOTA (@joinDOTA) May 18, 2017

Game 1

You might expect a game between two CIS squads to be full of kills from minute one, but by the ten minute mark of this first game, there had been only three kills in total. Both teams seemed focused on farming their cores and trading towers.

While there weren't a huge number of kills happening,'s huge pushing power and teamfight abilities allowed them to take a full set of barracks at the 20 minute mark. After a brief pause, VP returned for a second set of barracks three minutes later and when Empire lost all their heroes in the attempted defense, they were forced to call GG.

ru Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin played the ultimate support in the game with a KDA of 0/0/19 and buying every single one of his team's observer wards.

Game 2

ru Team Empire knew they needed something special to beat VP, and that's just what they picked for the second game of this best-of-three final.

ru Vladimir 'Chappie' Kuzmenko's Meepo is one of Empire's best "secret" weapons, and it worked very well for them in this game. After an initial setback when Meepo went high ground into ru Roman 'RAMZEs' Kushnarev's Luna and melted, their second assualt went much better and ended the game at the 26 minute mark.

The series would get a third and final game, but so far, the games were very short.

Game 3 took early leads in both net worth and kills in the third and final game. While ua Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko's Invoker had both Hand of Midas and Aghanim's Scepter at the 12 minute mark, Chappie's Troll Warlord had been killed by a Nightmare or Hoof Stomp into Sunstrike over and over.

Empire took a good fight around their own top ancients that led to an Aegis for ua Rostislav 'fn' Lozovoi's Storm Spirit, but quickly lost said Aegis with an agressive solo move in the top lane that was punished with a good Fiends Grip. took control back and with a Double Damage rune on RAMZES' Terrorblade, they took one last fight in Empire's base and forced the GG call.

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