1437 becomes the new captain of TNC Pro Team

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TNC Pro Team are bringing in a Western veteran in this pre-TI7 roster shuffle season, adding Theeban "1437" Siva to their team. Welcome 1437 to @TNCProTeam! He will replace ryOyr as the 5th support position and will take over as the drafter/captain of the team! pic.twitter.com/uxb82LXPwd— TNC Pro Team (@TNCProTeam) May 16, 2017

ca Theeban '1437' Siva will be replacing ph Ryo 'ryOyr' Hasegawa, who had been with TNC since the post-TI6 shuffle. TNC already played their most recent EPICENTER qualifier match without ryOyr, using ph Joshua 'Owa' Dela Serna as a standin.

The change comes just a few days before ph TNC Predator will head to China for the Starladder | i-League Invitational #2. They attended The Kiev Major, but finished 9th-16th after a promising group stage. However, they also attended the previous StarLadder event, Starladder | i-League StarSeries Season 3, in which they placed 3rd-4th.

In addition to joining the team as their new position five support, 1437 will become the team's new captain and drafter. He is no stranger to having a leadership role, but with very little time to prepare and learn his new team's playstyle will make StarLadder a real trial by fire for the squad.

The announcement from TNC also mentions that "management has other plans" for ryOyr, hinting that he could remain involved with the organization in some way. Details of these other plans will be announced sometime in the future.

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