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The mysterious dissapearance of the 4th invite slot for the Summit 7 might have gone unnoticed by some but we now know the 8th team will be decided by an 8 team playoff.

Final Summit 7 slot to go to winner of 8 team invitational
When Dota Summit 7 was initially announced there were to be 4 direct invites and 4 Regional Qualifiers. However, on announcing the third invite Team Secret, BTS revealed there was a change of plan. Unlike previous seasons that have had a "Redemption Vote" where teams could muster public votes in order to attend the LAN after being knocked out in the Qualifiers, there will instead be a redemption qualifier to decide the 8th and final team.

Sadly BTS have not run with the whole Redemption name but instead have given permission for UCC to reward the final slot at the LAN finals to the winner of the "LOOT.BET Invitational". The tournament will feature 8 teams, 6 of which are eliminated teams from the European Qualifiers, and the other 2 to come from closed qualifiers.

So far the organisers have confirmed gr Ad Finem, eu ProDotA Gaming*, ru Vega Squadron * and eu Ninjas in Pyjamas*, and appear to be on the hunt for two more pro teams to run the gauntlet. Assuming UCC stick to Europe to complete their grid that means they will need to attract the interest of Alliance, Navi or Empire, who are the only other 3 teams (still together) to have participated in the Dota Summit 7 EU Qualifiers.

Format: 8 team double elimination
6 invited teams: Mousesports, NiP, Vega Squadron, ProDota Gaming + 2
2 closed qualifier teams: 2 Open qualifier teams will join ru Effect and cis Gambit Esports* in the closed qualifier.

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