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It's not just rosters shuffling this season, some teams are shuffling tournaments too. mousesports dropped out of StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 2 and Alliance have replaced them, but dropped out of DreamLeague Season 7 in return. Unfortunately, @theAllianceGG will not attend @DreamHackDota DreamLeague Season 7 due to scheduling issues.— Alliance (@theAllianceGG) May 8, 2017

Luckily for DreamLeague this is only one team, and hopefully nothing will top the mass exodus seen in DreamLeague Season 6, during which six different teams dropped out at various stages. This was mostly thanks to the very close proximity of The Boston Major, the dates of which were revealed after DreamLeague's announcement.

StarLadder announced yesterday that mousesports had decided to drop out and that Alliance were taking their place.

The Alliance заменит mousesports на SL i-League Invitational #2 #Dota2 #dotasltv #InvitationalS2Подробнее:— Dota 2 SLTV (@dotasltv) May 7, 2017

Alliance are no doubt happy for the opportunity to attend a LAN as they haven't competed offline since WESG in January. They also performed surprisingly well in The Kiev Major qualifiers, finishing 2nd after a loss to eu Team Secret.

The StarLadder LAN event will take place May 18th-21st, while DreamLeague started May 4th and runs through May 21st.

As Alliance's first DreamLeague match was scheduled for today, a replacement had to be found very quickly. eu NBA* will be taking their place, leaving the schedule essentially unchanged.

Header image source: Dota 2 SLTV on Twitter

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