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WCG concluded after a very predictable groupstage where the Asian scene dominated off their full or near full regular rosters. In the grand final, cn Invictus Gaming swept their opponents 2-0 to take home the grand prize of $20,000.
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While the grand final was fairly expected, the undeniable underdog heroes of the tournament turned out to be the Belarussian Devil Mice, who after taking second place in a easy Group A were relegated to the consolidation finals against the Malaysian powerhouse Orange.eSports. Devil Mice succeeded where the ua Na`Vi and ru Empire mix ua UA'Shechki had failed during the groups, and posted a convincing 2-0 victory on the back off amazing plays on Lifestealer and Lone Druid by by Maxim 'Jackal' Doroschenok.

While this name may be unfamiliar to some, others will remember him as the carry player for the ua DTS squad from earlier this year which popularized Clinkz in competitive play in the skillful hands of none other than Jackal. If this showing is any indication, there might be a new CIS team to be on the lookout for. They are not currently signed up to play in any major leagues however, so we may have to wait a while to find out whether this upset was a one off fluke, or if they have it in them to compete with the best of the best.

The DotA All-Stars finals have also been concluded with cn TongFu sweeping cn LGD 2-0, which did not come as a great surprise given that LGD, like so many other major Chinese teams, has not played Warcraft 3 DotA for some time now.

Dota 2 final standings:

1st: cn Invictus Gaming $20,000
2nd: cn DK $9,000
3rd: by Devil Mice $4,000
4th: my Orange.eSports

DotA All-Stars final standings:

1st: cn TongFu
2nd: cn LGD