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Hero picks aside, Solar Crest was possibly the most valuable tool in team’s arsenals at The Kiev Major. It was so important, in fact, that both and OG each purchased one in every single game of the Grand Final. In Game 5, OG even bought two. In the Kiev Major main event as a whole, Solar Crest was purchased in 97 of 116 games. 50 games had just one Solar Crest, 44 had two and three games even had three Solar Crests. The majority of the games without a Solar Crest purchase were in the group stage. As the tournament progressed and the meta developed, it became much less common for a team to skip picking one up.

So, what is it that makes Solar Crest such a must-buy item? Let’s break it down.

First up, a good overview of what the item does. When not using the active ability, it gives the holder (in most cases, a support) 12 Armor, 75% Mana regen and 25% Evasion.

That’s a pretty nice safety net to keep a support alive a bit longer should they get jumped on their own, but Solar Crest isn’t picked up to keep supports alive. The real value comes in when the Shine active is used.

The active is multi-purpose depending on the situation. Is your team piling onto an enemy carry trying to burst them down? Use Shine on the foe to make them easier to kill, and put a damper on their damage. Is your initiator about to jump into a fight? Use Shine on them to make them tankier.

Since the duration and cooldown are both 7 seconds and there is no mana cost of using the item, Shine can be kept active almost indefinitely.

In a meta that favours having one core hero hit buildings while their team backs them up, this is an invaluable tool for keeping that hero alive while they chip away at towers.

Solar Crest is also extremely valuable for taking Roshan quickly. Valve nerfed the armor reduction against Roshan back in 6.85, but as of 7.00 the armor reduction against Roshan was removed (but Roshan’s own armor was increased from 5 to 15).

In 7.02, Solar Crest’s Armor bonus/reduction changed from 10 to 12, meaning the item now brings Roshan down to a measly 3 armor when used.

The multiple uses of Solar Crest have made it an essential purchase in almost every game. At a total price of 2,625 gold it certainly isn’t cheap for a poor support to purchase, but building towards it isn’t too difficult.

It’s made from the much cheaper (1175) Medallion of Courage, which can be purchased early on, then combined with the 1450 gold Talisman of Evasion. Both are manageable amounts of money for support to accumulate, and the end result is invaluable.

solar crest = 12 armor and 25% miss item, with 7 armor and 20% ingredients (no recipe). too much value perhaps needs a recipe cost.— Damien Chok (@kpiidota) April 30, 2017

Some say the Solar Crest is in for a nerf in Valve’s next balance patch, but it remains to be seen whether a small change will be enough to deter teams from buying this item in every single game. For now, Solar Crest remains one of the best items in Dota 2.

Thanks to Ben "Noxville" Steenhuisen for providing The Kiev Major Solar Crest stats.

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