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The TI6 championship team have decided not just to part ways after their disappointing last place finish at The Kiev Major, but most of the players have apparently decided to retire from Dota 2 entirely. The ti6 champion squad that was wings is apparently no more. Only one player will continue trying to play professionally short term— Jack Chen (@KBBQDotA) May 1, 2017
There is still some hope within that people will reconsider, but after all these are really young people with a ton of pressure on them— Jack Chen (@KBBQDotA) May 1, 2017

No official announcement has been made by the players, but Jack "KBBQ" Chen is known to be close to the team and has broken news about the squad in the past. He is one of Dota 2's most well known bridges between the Chinese and Western scenes.

It is unknown which of the five players has not decided to retire. All five were very new to the scene when Wings Gaming was formed, and cn Zhang 'Faith Bian' Ruida, cn Zhang 'y`' Yiping and cn Zhou 'Blink' Yang have stuck together since they were part of a lesser known incarnation of Speed Gaming back in 2014.

The squad have been struggling since winning TI6, and their troubles came to a head recently when their organization was late in paying them. They decided very shortly before The Kiev Major to leave their organization and play together as Team Random.

Four of the five players put out lengthy statements on Weibo about the situation which ranged from hinting at a disband to optimistically looking forward to the future. Sadly, Team Random lost three of four group stage matches before being eliminated from The Kiev Major in the first round of playoffs by none other than OG.

It's a sad day for Dota 2 if these five have decided to disband and retire, but there's always hope for a post retirment comeback... just look at cn Xu 'BurNIng' Zhilei, who first announced his retirement around TI3, actually retired after TI4 and now has just won DAC and got Top 4 at Kiev Major.

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