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Four of five ex-Wings Gaming players have posted statements to their individual Weibo pages explaining their decision to leave the Wings organization and become Team Random. All four statements have been translated by Jack "KBBQ" Chen and posted to his personal blog.

The first statement, posted by cn Zhang 'y`' Yiping details the team's decision, and is meant as a joint statement.

y` says that the relationship between the team and the owner was strained for two reasons. The first is that before their TI win, the owner would frequently visit them and provide support but after TI that support vanished.

The second reason is that their paycheck for March was delayed, though y` says it has been paid since then. These difficulties with the owner combined with the team's poor performance lately were their primary reasons for leaving.

The end of the statement is perhaps the most worrying for fans of the roster, as the translation reads "This Kiev tournament will be our first and possibly last match as the Random family". On the positive side this could mean that the team is looking for another sponsor, but it could also mean that they are thinking of disbanding.

As for the other three statements, cn Zhang 'Faith Bian' Ruida's statement details the feelings of the team at ESL One Genting 2017 and then after the Chinese New Year break as "[a] state of constantly being on the verge of disbanding". He then repeats the story told by y' of the owner's lack of support and the delayed pay.

cn Zhou 'Blink' Yang's statement is similarly long and detailed, and is also the only one to mention the 80/20 split of the TI prize pool, the majority of which went to the organization. Blink says "we also wanted to repay the club and hope the club’s high share of the prize would help it develop better and faster, so we didn’t sweat the details."

Finally, cn Chu 'Shadow' Zeyu's statement is the shortest, repeating the reason for leaving the organization but adding that the rumours that were spread at the time of Team Random's initial announcement are false, saying, "please respect the team and club that is Wings Gaming." He adds, "Though we’re switching organizations, the five of us are still together, and it won’t change," giving hope to fans who may be concerned that a disband is imminent.

Hopefully for Wings fans, this change can help the team move on from their difficulties and create a better environment for the squad so they can thrive and return to their old tournament winning ways.

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