posted by Abelle,
Just one day remains before The Kiev Major group stage kicks off so it's time for the biggest prediction of them all - who will win?


Looking at the participants at Kiev Major it's a tough question. I think a lot depends on whether teams have a good day or not, especially because of single elimination – one loss and you are out.

In my opinion eu OG, cn Invictus Gaming and eu Team Liquid (although they weren't good at DAC) are the top three contenders for the title. Raw skill combined with a good draft can make them the new major champion.


Picking a team that's already won a Major or a recent tournament feels too easy. cn Newbee have been consistently strong for months now and they feel due for a LAN win. The single elimination format allows for a certain level of upsets, but with many strong teams at Kiev it seems more likely that at least one will make it through to Grand Finals. Based on past highs and lows for Chinese Dota, it feels like the west won't be taking this Major.


I'm going to go with us Evil Geniuses. I I know they were knocked out of DAC2017 pretty early but I think the format worked against them. bo2 groupstage and 8 teams going to LB was pretty rough. Evil Geniuses have just been so consistent and they are really starting to hit their stride and gel as a team. The way iG picked OG apart at DAC 2017 was proof they are only mortal. I really think dk Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen can lead EG to the title.


OG - It’s often difficult in Dota to balance potential with results when predicting winners of events, especially in a single elimination tournament where anything can happen. I think even after being defeated by iG at DAC, OG will be able to bounce back and as they always do - find a way to win yet another major title.


OG. While they may have come 2nd at DAC in a crippling style to IG they are still one of the smartest and strongest teams in the are the Major wonder team. They will still struggle with teams trying to mess with the game winning timing OG are so known for, so it won't be an easy run for them but their loss in China recently will only strengthen them to fill up the holes in their play.

What do you think? Will OG hoist the trophy again, or will it be a new team this time? Leave your predictions in the comments!

Header image credit: PGL via Flickr