Wings Gaming rename to Team Random

posted by Abelle,
The TI6 champions have had a name and logo change in The Kiev Major compendium.

Details are extremely scarce, the only clear thing being that the team has renamed but will still be competing at The Kiev Major, albeit under a new banner.

Rumours have circulated on reddit regarding financial troubles plaguing the organization, but no official statement has been released from the organization or the players yet.

Rumours include the Wings organization investing a large portion of their TI6 winnings into a League of Legends team, that the players have not been paid wages for some time because of said LoL team's failure and that the players were kicked out of their team house several days ago. None of these details have been confirmed and all come from comments on a thread on r/dota2.

The reddit post refers to a post on a Dota news weibo page, but the post only announces the team's name change, not any of the rumoured details or any other reason for the change.

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